What is this?

Hey, I'm Dan. Clone Manga is where I dump my comics, doodles, etc.

About Updates

Updates were once notoriously irregular but are now very frequent! Best bet is to subscribe to the RSS or @clonemanga.

About Dan

Equipment: Wacom Cintiq Companion
Books I've found useful: How Fiction Works (James Wood), Theories of Art Today (Carroll)
Influences: Tsutomu Nihei, Lovecraft, Rorty, Kafka, Zdzislaw Beksinki, Lewis Carroll

You can reach me on Twitter or email me.
There is also a secret cool-kids IRC channel: #clone-army.


2012 - International Manga Award - [Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan] - Bronze
2007 - Joe Shuster Award - [CCBCAA] - Favourite Canadian Creator (English Language Publications)
2007 - Joe Shuster Award - [CCBCAA] - Outstanding Canadian Web Comic Creator