Cupcake's Fan Album

lovely fanart of Cupcake & co.

Himehorn Bullying

Christmas Snowhorn from Nikki! =w=
Leedah as Raisin from Himehorn Quest...? Thanks, Wei HyuN!
Cake it easy, Professor Penpen!
Rare Himehorn variation from D-Meat!
A devious looking hornmother from Nio Kasagami...
AWAWAWAWAWAWA! ;~~; (from Jarv)
Delicious, tasty squid! Thanks, Virado!
Comfy, happy hornmother from Cromachina. =w=
Himehorn comic edit from Trash!
The hornmother has a surprisingly good figure... Thanks, Tom!
Himehorn attempts to slam [comic] - from that nohorn bully, Trash
Don't trust him, himehorn! That's not the real inspector!! (from Jarv)
A garden himehorn from Virado. I want to live in this reality.
Bwushy bwushy~! From My Lemon Blue =w=
Snowhorn from Hushabye. ;~;
She's a pretty smallhorn... FOR YOU. (from Deculture)
My Lemon Blue captures the leedah's typical state of mind.
My Lemon Blue's musclehorns are pretty lewd.
Rdein draws the leedah!
Jarv was born in the darkness. Molded by it!
Himehorn Conspiracy [1/2] - from Trash
Himehorn Conspiracy [1/2] - from Trash
Bikky is a one-eyed monster - from Trash
RISE - from Trash
REMOVE NOHORN - from Trash
Monica Ray knows despair eating is best eating.
Part of a complete breakfast. From My Lemon Blue.
My Lemon Blue plays a dangerous game.
My Lemon Blue hears crying on every station. Spooky.
Opening near you! T-thanks, Trash
Saane won't stop bullying!
Trash bullies a himehorn into a field of rape.
Trash has an unending supply of salt.
Trash commits crimes against himehorn-kind.
[Animated] - Trash knows the himehorn secret.
[3/3] - Will Trash's bullying ever end?
[2/3] No, Twiceborn! I-uh- play it for the soundtrack! Y-Yeah!
[1/3] - Trash is a bully. The himehorns want out.
Why, Trash? Why?
Help, moshiko. I don't understand.
Trash gets Jarv in on the bullying.
Trash gets Deculture in on the bullying.
Trash! Please stop!!
Jarv makes best daughter a bully. Kukuku~

Friends of Cupcake

With SPF 50000 sunscreen, anything is possible. Thanks, Tom!
Chiakipus Is Mai Waifu (1/2) (from Trash)
Chiakipus Is Mai Waifu (2/2) (from Trash) ... Why this?
Thanks, Adrian! =w=
Jarv makes an almost a cutest a little more a cutest... ;w;
Darkcake's frightening Hallowe'en costume: the uncertain future. Th-thanks, Jarv. ;_;
Pretty good, Trash. Pretty good.
Thanks, Crystal Suicune! BWEH! =w=
Bikky goes full murderhobo ... thanks, Trash!
I want to live in that capehug. Thanks, Jarv!
Maria Starlight! =w= Thanks, Hat!
Darkcake, no! ;~; Maullar... why this?
Witchers = Guardians = magical girls, gwup gwup. You gotta believe me gwup!! (From Trash)
Those suckers are TOO PUFFY!! JAAARV!! ;~~~;
Why would you splat a Darkcake? Madvertiz0r? ;~;
A cute bit of stitchwork from Attarou! Bweh! =w=
Bikky in a swimsuit?! The sun at last! Thanks, Tom!
Operation Bwehessrt Storm. Thanks for the encouragement after the batnapping, Trash!
A cutest and bat, off-brand Sayaka and off-brand fancake... kukuku~! Thanks, Nikki! =w=
Bikky and bat waifu from scenicfrolic! =w= bweh
Darkcake's wedding photo, from Trash. She's so beautiful. ;~;
Hebiko has been "tutoring" Darkcake... Why this? ;~;
Just another day in the Templar Guardianship. Thanks, Deculture!
Jarv, that is too lewd, okay? pls b arespect on a darkcake
Muu~ Muuu~!! =3= ok hi its me a trascendent1 ok hi and bweh - thx2u Deculture
Rdein: bweh? =w=;
Rdein: bweh! =w=
Taosym draws a certain twindail dark moon headhunter.
Taosym draws her ultimate form...!
Perfect for a cold ;w; ... Thanks to eror and M3n747!
Vicky from Lee Kosi! Thanks, man!
Deculture delivery! No-text version.
Deculture delivery! #2BWEH.
Deculture delivery! Rena, Chiaki, Vicky.
Deculture delivery! A cutest and bat in a warmaster hat!
A CUTEST AND BAT from Rabbit Nabokov!
Classic Snax from Heaven's Feel!
Very cool Vicky from Catcow!
Moedorable Vicky and Snax from Weee!
Enna's moestare from Rena... ;v;
Enna's deathstare from SKRVLL! I want her to break my Vita.
From Grasblade! tfw no cutest vampire waifu...
Thanks agian to to Bloppysensei for this heretical birthday cuteness! I can't take it!
Thanks agian to to Nathan for this heretical birthday cuteness! I can't take it!
Vicky and Snax. ;w; A birthday present from Hat-chan!
Sigrid gives some encouragement. Thanks again to Nathan!
Nathan catches Capt. Sigrid and her Gwup in a tense moment.

Cupcake Herself

End of the Patreon memorial pic... Thanks, Tomi Chea! =3=
wow rude, DCT-tan. rood : T
Costume trade with DFC-tan!
=3= Muuu~! MUUU!! Thanks, Arabel!
The true form of my a cutest! =w= Thanks, Emitan!
Muuu~! =3= MUU~! Thanks, Shunao!
Two cutest daughters... Thanks, Rdein!
A Cutest and Jojoest from Matt Gallagher! Thank you!
Some encouragement during the batnapping. Thank you, Tomi Chea!
A cutest and best is stuffing her swimsuit. Typical. (Thanks again, Tom!)
A much needed injection of cakebutt from Maru. I needed this.
#2cake from Tomi Chea.
Enki has been getting selfies from Cupcake. She's grounded now.
GOAT. T-thanks, Trash.
Xiang Wong draws a #2cake and #2spooky.
A cutest and best. =3= muu~ Thanks, Loki!
Rdein draws a cutest's cutest.
Tomi Cheae accidentally draws a cutest.
My a cutest! Thanks, Nikki! =3=
Hi its my selfie =3= (from Shunao)
A Cutest and best from Fleu Gma!
2CAKE, Anatoleserial! ITS NOT RITE
From Mitch. But why?
It's all in the hip (butt) Tennis Draws!
RIDER CUPCAKE from Deculture!
Some serious Cakebutt from Fleugma!
Cupcake from David Namisato!
Cupcake is in Skullgirls! Only as an NPC, though.
Fred knows Cupcake's secret recipe...
Very Cake Cupcake from Rabbit Nabokov
Rabbit Nabokov gets Cupcake's good side...
From kindpixelwaifuanon.
Vanilla VS Sayaka from Deculture!
Jamuko~ knows Cupcake's cutest.
Weee~ turns the tables on Cupcake.
roninyorch 's style is real cake.
Madango drew mai musume.
Blasphemy from Anonymous.
Another delivery of mai musume from a kind anon.
Cupcake Party from Genatto
Taosym draws MILF DICKGIRL CUPCAKE. Cannot handle.
Magical Girl Noir brings the naked apron.
Weee~ brings MORE NAKED APRON.
Shirley draws Cure Peace. I'll pretend it's Cupcake.
Hamblasto can see inside my head.
Mefloraine's kawaii Cupcake-chan.
Gebby throws a fastball into my strike zone.
Lanoraptor ... ;w;
Daniel hits where it hurts.
Weee did this sketch for a requester at AX. ;w; Happiness.
theonryu gives Pepper her revenge.
Rushbrook's moe little Pepper.
Shirley has a Jojo and cake fetish. APPROVED.
Shirley knows where I stand on butts.
Noseless takes Cupcake to her ULTiMATE FORM.
Hanyo-chan draws a... mature Cupcake?!
S. Huang's New Year's gift!
Raemz knows what cheers me up.
Maya draws a doll-like Cupcake.
Rushbrook draws PepPepPepper suffering.
Kaguya Hige would frost a cake with a butt.
Lanoraptor pulls out le tricky ghoul face
Ferret Party likes girl with big thighs.
Bob Montoya's crying Pepper is moe.
Mint captures Cupcake's true form.
Anonymous doesn't think much of Cupcake's comic.
locust_desu says: "plz tell our queeen we love u". She knows.
Raemz's waifu request was ignored. She drew it herself.
Saane 's Pep-Pep-Pepper is so moe.
Kek(?) puts Cupcake in her place.
Mefloraine believes in justice. Flat Justice!
EmiEmiEmiEmiEmi-tan roughs Cupcake up a bit... ;_;
EU03 says: "In before someone says every twintail from me is Miku."
Raemz brings the soft and cuddly.
Khemart draws Cupcake's rarely seen stocking-clad foot.
appiusos brings the moe.
c7dn's image doesn't feature dicks.
Maisey makes Mint into Pepper's Oppa.
Hamblasto draws Cupcake's good side.
scribblefag reveals the terrible truth.

Cupcakes for the Cupcake God

Maullar Maullar shops a Cupcake lewd. IT'S NOT HER OK it's a fake she wouldn't do that jus b A CAEK PLS DELETE OK
A birthday cake from Mint! Thanks, man.
Maya- It's a winged sheep.
Mr. Korb breaks out the mspaint.
Misfire baked it with love. And his secret sauce.
Film Douche ought to stick to films.
Hamblasto says: "Eat it :|".
Artemi's bakes a cupcake of woe.
Kevin's cupcake has a nipple. Lewd/10.
Kenji Murasame's waifu is Pep-Pep-Pepper.
Mai Ikari submits a very low-res cupcake. It's all Cupcake deserves.
Jo-ou is being too clever. GET HIM.
Merp's cupcake should be licked slowly but firmly.