Saint Blossom Starry Leader

DM: Otaku-sama | Player: Himehorn Leedah

If you suddenly became a mahou shoujo, what would be your name?
Saint Blossom Starry Leader!
Saint Blossom Starry Leader! ||| Who would be your ¨spirit advisor¨ as a mahou shoujo, and how would it look like?
I would call it... Risotto... and it would be a cake...
...and it would be a cake...||| I saw it coming... Who would be your rival?
Hmmm Masked Chaser Nohorn Z! A mischieveous bandit who wants to turn the whole world into a snowcone by freezing it and outting it through a giant space chipper! It's shaped like a penguin.
Masked Chaser Nohorn Z is finally on your side... Now a greater evil has come and you have two to fight together to defeat it or perish in the intent! Who is this new villain?!, and what wants to accomplish?!
... Demiwitch Kurrigan von Julestampen whose plot is to kill everyone on the whole planet with lightning and then when the meat has burned off their bones she's going to raise an army of skeletons and load them onto starships and go to a new planet and make more skeletons until she has enough to make an assault on the witch stronghold at the galactic core!
Saint Blossom Starry Leader, what powers do you have? How do you look like? (same question for your rival)
Masked Chaser Z looks like a motorcycle gangster with a helmet that looks a bit like a monkey. She has the power of parkour.
My costume... is a black robe that I decorated with pictures of a happy herd and smallhorn handprints! I thought I said my powers were Leading and curses an fireballs?
I thought I said my powers were Leading and curses an fireballs? ||| That was a superhero question, not about mahou shoujos ... it doesn't count.
Oh right.
Well it's Mahou Shoujo soooooo... lasers. Lots of lasers. Skinny lasers in green and in blue and in yellow. They wouldn't do curves they'd always turn on perfect right angles.
I don't think I'd fly... I'd stand on Risotto who did all the flying. I'd do most of my foghting with a magical cane the top of which is shaped liiiike a ram with big spirally horns made out of metal!
So, you have Lasers... and your rival... Parkour. Either you suck at fighting or your rival is more persistant than a cockroach and the Team Rocket, to survive lasers and keep coming for more.
The power of Parkour lets her keep runing around FOREVER no matter what gets in her way. It's really annoying.
Masked Chaser Nohorn Z & Saint Blossom Starry Leader have... failed. The world has ended, but somehow you two have survived...barely. Even two agains one, she won without even sweating. Now that the world ended, is there even a reason to fight anymore? What will happen now!?
Now there ia time for only one thing and that; is PAYBACK! We'll repare for an assault on her undead starships and bring her empire to its boney knees!
Or we'll die heroicly with lots of lasers and creepy running junping sliding and hopping from one thing to the other!
You two have now recovered. The main starship is way far from your reach, but decide to go anyway, just to get lost in space, but somehow find a safe place to rest and make a plan. You two have to get stronger or find a way to win, QUICK. The enemy is approaching that planet?! What will you do now?!
Hmmm. We'll let the things living there what's coming and fight with them aginast the bonearmy!
The bone army destroyed the unintelligent life of the planet without resistance... but you two somehow sneak into the ship ... sadly, is not the mothership, but you are still outnumbered millions to one, and there are no weaknesses to be seen. What do you do now?
Now. We fight; for Justice and Freedom!
You managed to capture the starship after defeating the skeleton leader of the ship. Now, the other skeletons won't try to destroy you. You can't command them, they just ignore you. Everything is in autopilot, after conquering two more planets the ship is will warp to where the DemiWitch is...!?
We'll sabotage the doors so that when the ship lands no-one can get out! Then we'll trick the ship into thinking the conquering is complete so we can move on!
The plan worked so far, the ship is about to leave the first planet ... but the skeletons are repairing everything you broke?! If you attack, they will destroy you, and if they finish, the planet will be doomed ... How will you overcome this predicament?!
This is where Masked Chaser Z will shine! She'll run around the ship using her powers of Parkour and move essential tools and materials while pretending to be a helper! That will let us delay the repairs long enough to get off the planet! We can break it again when they finish on the way to the other planet and make sure there aren't enough supplies to fix it again!
You saved a planet from certain doom. Now the ship is in course to the next one... but there are more ships waiting there?! They started attacking before you got there. Seeing that your ship doesn't, they send you an encrypted message ... and it looks like... they are going to board the ship?!
If they're busy trying to open up our ship they're not attacking anyone else so that's good. We'll start planning how to keep the rest of the skeletons from attacking when they do get it open.
Given that there was no reply to the message, they waste no time and blow up the entire cargo area. The skeletons are free to attack the planet... Now, a group of three elite skeletons like the one you managed to defeat before, has boarded the ship! They are searching relentlessly for something...?!
We realize they're after Masked Rider Z's lunch! In it is a super extra deluxe sized can of concentrated cola that will turn teeth and bones to jelly with just a touch! We splash it on the elite skeletons and lead our friends to a new ship!
They found the remains of the defeated elite! Now they command the skeletons aboard the ship!? You managed to destroy one, but the skeletons shield them from your attack and now they are aware from your existence! and everyone starts attacking you?! You manage to hide somewhere but... for how long!?
We'll barricade ourselves in one of the other ships! While we're there we'll look for skeleton weapons!
Now that they are attacking the planet the ship is mostly empty, so you have no problem sneaking in, and find were they store them, but... it's empty?! They used all of them to attack the planet. You search all over the place, and find a box that needs a code to open...but the alarm was triggered?!
I use lasers to open the box!
There are a few bracelets inside.. but you don't know how to use them! As you try to operate them, you find yourselves surrounded by skeletons ready to attack! As they fire, Masked Rider Z jumps in front of you, receiving the attack for you ... just to find out that they were energy shields!?
Woh! Just like a space story! We're okay so I start wih my lasers! Fireballs wouldn't be very good against skeletons. :(
You turn them all into ashes in seconds while they were still recovering from the impact on your shields, but the alarm is still working! ...You can hear more skeletons coming your way!, and it's just a matter of time until the Elites know your position!...What are you going to do now?!
Shoot the alarm!
You shoot at the nearest alarm you see, but the system is still in full alert! and the skeletons are on your chase! ... as you run, trying to escape, exchanging rays here and there, you see on a monitor that the invasion is 70% complete?! Soon, the elites will be the last of your problems! What now?
We head for the nwarest other working ship. We'll just steal it and then let thenautppilot take over!
You manage to go outside from the cargo bay... just to find the elites going your way! with the batallion of skeletons that were in your ship! ... they haven't noticed you YET! You are about to be surrounded! and if you go to the other ship they might notice you! it will be your end! Think quick!
If I learned anythjng from Nanoha it's that if you shoot them with your special attack as hard as you can they'll be your friend. I laser them. In their faces. Or whatever a skeleton has instead of a face!
You shoot an elite down while it was distracted!, but now the remaining one signals EVERYTHING to attack you! Thanks to your shields its an easy fight so far, until you notice the elite was not attacking. Something feels weird... He told his ship to shoot its main weapon at both of you! It's moving!
Masked Chaser Z's power will keep her safe but not me. I cast a curse on the ship weapon! #Roll 1d3 result:1 :x
Masked Chaser Z grabs you and goes full speed to the elite launching you into him, knowing that the ship won't shoot until He is out of range! You manage to grab him, and start the CQC, while Masked Chaser Z destroys the remaining skeletons in the vicinity!... but the invasion is almost complete!?
We'll rally the survivors and make them into an army worthy of Masked Chaser Z!
The planet has fallen and the army is falling back. You didn’t have the time to save them… The elite run while you were distracted! The ship fired!? … but Masked Chaser Z moved you before it hit you, making them move it to your position ... causing them to hit the other ship!? It's going to explode!
We don't look at the explosion.
You decide to focus in the problem at hand, and go for the elite!... but it wasn't needed... the debris of the explosion killed him in an instant... now the skeletons went back to automatic since there is no one to command them, and start boarding their ships... you have some time until they finish.
We make sure to get a good, comfortable spot.
You two have nice tea time until they finish boarding. Now the ship is moving again... but there is no guarantees that this time it will take you to the DemiWitch ... and there is still your biggest problem...YOU ARE WEAK If she is there, it will mean the end of the road for you. What do you do now?
I pray to my favorite witch, The greatest of the cakewitches, Dankim for guidance! She should probavly be upset that the DemiWitch is trying to raise an army and assault the witch realms at the center of the galaxy!
In your moment of need, you decide to pray, in search for answers...but nothing happens...but you insist with all your heart!... once you start praying again, with all your faith... Risotto begins to shine!?... what is happening?!... its... its... a frosting figure of the GCW?!... and it talks!?
That's no place to finish! Whatndoes she say?!
Kukuku~! You've done well to come this far, leedah! Now... eat this and unleash the true power inside you!!
I eat it. Two big bites and it's gone. Forever.
Now awaken as your true self... A Hugest and Galactic Demi Witch Destroyer Leedah Blossom Lagann!
She began to shine brighter than the giant yolk in the skies! Masked Chaser Z saw at the events happening in front of her in disbelief, and yet, at the expectation of what could be the power hiding inside her companion... it could be enough power to vanquish the evil demiwith!?...She waited until...
She transforms inside the ship making it explode. The other ships fire their main weapons in reaction of this, but without effect on her!?... she knows that if she destroys them, she won't find where is the demiwitch! Masked Chaser Z tries to stop her, but her urge to fire is too strong for her!?
Luckily Risotto bravely jumps in the way!
In her noble sacrifice, Risotto acts a shield absorbing all the attack like a sponge. With no time to even deliver her last words, She... transforms into a normal cake... Leedah, after regaining her senses, looks at the aftermatch in disbelief, while Masked Chaser Z gives her a ¨cake¨, in tears...
T^T Risotto! We'll make sure you didn't save us in vain!
Risotto didn't make it in time, they got blasted enough to be unsuable... You became what you hated the most... said Masked Chaser Z leaving her with her ¨only desserts¨ in her hands, before running to shipwrecks... luckily she found that the computer system was still working! What will they do now?
Signal for extraction! We'll make skeleton disguises!
After ¨taking responsibility¨ for what happened to Risotto, Leader joins Masked Chaser Z inside the ship, to find out that the system is protected! Only an Elite Skeleton can use it!? Now they will have to think about another solution!... and leader still has to learn to control her new powers!
I'll send Masked Chaser Z to find the bones of one of the Elites while I play woth my new powers.
For playing with powers she can't control, Leader unintentionally destroys one of the two remaining ships! Luckily Masked Chaser Z was out of range while that happened or else she would have been vaporized as well!...after a while, they search the last ship ... but this one has no power!? Why this!?
It's just Marveys law. Forst we make sure someone didn't just turn the battery disconnect to the off position!
Masked Chaser Z opens the control panel trying to fix things while you go to the engine room to see what's wrong, but... is not there!? The entire engine room was blown up by your attack from before!... Now, You have to find a way to make it run or you will be stuck! It is has to be another way!
At least I know I can blow up a starship and a half without really trying now? We'll... have to try to take pieces from the ship we arrived on? Or maybe Demiwitch will get mad that her ships are taking so long. :x
When you come back you find out that Masked Chaser Z has dismantled everything!... but she has great news! She found the black box and where the autopilot was! ... You may have gotten an upgrade, but I am not inferior to you! She yelled while pressing a button on her suit! The giant space chipper!?
I forgot all about Penguinaisutron! We wait imoatintly for it to arrive and I try training my new powers nore cautiously than last time.
While Masked Chaser Z gathers every useful machine she has at her disposal, you train tirelessly to master your new powers... on the surface of the death planet. You spend a week of intense training there! the time you get back, what awaits you there is...The Penguinaisutron!... MK II?!
I hope Masked Chaser Z knows how to fly this thing because I have no idea!Let's go get that Demiwitch! FOR RISOTTO!
Fly?! Who needs to fly when you can bend time and space!? In that instant, your vision gets gets distorted for a second... the next thing you know is... You have the mothership in front of you! You are sorrounded by millions of ships full of skeletons! and behind your ship is... is...what is that?!?
It'S... I don't know what it is it looks like a whale in soace... and it has a horn?! IS IT A STARWHALE?!
The starwhale starts ramming everything in sight! It seems like is trying to protect something! The ships are starting to deploy their armies!...They attacked the whale! Its comming your way! Evasive maneuvers! quick, before it's too late! You have come so far just to die like a penguin brochette!?
We can bend space right? Why don't we just move behind the Starwhale?
That kind of thing consumes way too much energy, you have to wait until you can do it again! Masked Chaser Z used all her abilities as a pilot to dodge the giant starwhal! It managed to evade the hit of the horn, but the force of the hit was enough to send you flying out of control. Imminent crash?!
Nope! We'll seal off all the areas we don't need and then blast the air out of the rest of the areas to work as a bunch of little air jet engine things!
Its too late for that! You are going to crash!... until the ship in front of you gets vaporized by some kind of force! ... what was that!? You look back and its... the starwhal!?... it seems it recogniced your ship as a friend! What is happening here!? You can't fully understand what is happening!
We probably look like a baby Starwhale!
You use the starwhale to your advantage and advance behind it! Advancing deep into the enemy lines, to where the Demiwitch is!... until the starwhale gets slaped to the side!?... How!? WHO!? ... The Demiwith is in front of your ship!... This is what you were waiting for! NOW IT'S TIME!, GO LEADER!
Alright this is it. HERO TIME! Lasers, Demiwitch, GO!
You go outside the ship, transforming youself into your ulimate form! Ready to attack!... but the enemy ships are getting in your way! Shooting their main weapons to you! You take no damage but it prevents you from attacking! Until the Penguinaisutron MKII starts the show spreading havoc everywhere!
Rivals are a good thing to have! I make the biggest laser sword ever. Even bigger than the one in Rogue Galaxy. Then I attack!
You attack with your hugest gallactic laser sword! Everything in the way of your swing gets vaporized as if it weren't there to begin with! Nothing can get in your way to victory! The end of the Demiwitch is in your hands!...until your attack stops at the last second. The Demiwitch stopped it!?!
:T Witches cheat; I knew that though. I throw a fireball at her.
Your fireball hits her with full force! This is it!?... Insolent!, you are not even a witch and you dare to get in my way!? Can be heard from the cloud of ashes and fire.. A thin ray of light crosses the space, slitting everything it touches. Cutting your sword in half along with some of the ships!?
"I'm powered by a witch; that's nore than you can say!" I take a deep breath and remember the basics of CQC as I charge the Demiwitch and try to laser her in her face.
She charges with an incredible speed!, but is stopped by an invisible force in front of her! ¨And you call THAT... power? You don't seem to understand your position.¨, and with a slight movement of her hand, Leader is sent flying, crashing with everything in her way! Now vulnerable & unable to move!
... Everyone... Risotto... have I failed you?
Now, the enemy forces that had been in standby... FIRE! In an instant, everything turns red as leader contemplates her final moments... until the Penguinaisutron MKII gets in the way of the fire!... I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! She yells as her modified shield absorbs the energy of their attacks!?
With that she can absorb them all and grind the to dust!
Time seems seems to have frozen. All their attacks, all the power is, gone. Something is not right. What happened to it?! ¨Leader, remember, being huge doesn't mean you are powerful. Wake up!¨ She hears in her head, as her heart skips a beat watching the MKII... shining! and melting?! ...Is...IS!?
It's melting into a real penguin?! No wait... it's being reborn as Risotto! Slightly larger, a hundred times steonger and with no artificial flavors or preservatives!
¨HEY! Don't lump me with a piece of pastry! Stop hallucinating already! Risotto is inside YOU! How dull can you be!?¨ Finally, a bright figure emerges from the molten metal. Is Golden Masked Chaser Z! ¨Why did you stop my plans in the past!?, Why were you fighting for!? Was it for vengeance!? or...¨
... I thought you were trying to make the world into a snowcone!? Let's go Gold Masked Chaser Z! PLATINUM BLONDE ATTACK!
Both of them charged at the DemiWitch combining their attacks! ¨Changing colors won't change anything, you fool creatures¨ S-she...she stopped them!? Not even with their new combined forces they can win!? ¨Leader! Retreat!¨ Using what's left of their strength, they escape before she can retaliate!!
How can we stop something so powerful?! Masked Chaser Z! You'll have to get her to try to hit you so that I can attack her weakpoint whike she's focused on you!
Executing the plan, Masked Chaser Z starts the show attacking the ships making them attack her, absorbing their power using it to attack the demiwith going back and forth with an incredible speed!, while Leader charges her attack! ¨How much of my time do you have to waste until you understand?¨
This much! I shoot as soon as Masked Chaser Z is out of the way!
With a signal from her partner, Leader shoots her massive energy blast at the Demiwitch! Meanwhile G. Masked Chaser Z increases the speed of relentless wave of attacks giving her no opportunity to react to the attack from blind spot, waiting until the last moment to bend space to get out of the way!
Go go Masked Chaser let's pour all our friendship for Risotto into that attack!
Before they could join their powers, something so big that it couldn’t even be compared got in the way... it was, the mothership!? ¨Resorting to dirty tricks, aren't we? I commend your tenacity. Almost like... a cockroach. I will have to make sure to kill you both like one.¨
Before they could even react, they felt an excruciating pain as an invisible force squished them together, throwing them to the surface of a nearby satellite. Crashing on top of each other, unable to move in the slightest, even less counter what was about to come, both agonized as the enemy prepared
We'll keep trying to fight! The demiwitch cannot be allowed to continue!
¨No more playing around¨ and with end of that line, they felt like their very existence was being smashed to the ground with an unavailable force. Meanwhile the enemy charged their weapons to strike with deadly precision one last time..¨L-leader, listen *cough* t-to me. I have a plan *bloody cough*¨
I'm open to suggestions!
¨Now is time to end this bad joke¨ In that… ¨I am using what is left of my life energy to manipulate the flow of time for us, as long as we are connected somehow there should be no problem… for a while¨ They could observe how the enemy fired their all their weapons at them ¨Now, listen carefully...¨
I'm listening masked Chaser Z!
¨I noticed an anomaly when I retreated. I have no time to explain with much details, so I will go with a simplistic explanation; she is in a different ¨space¨ than us, so there is no way for us to even touch her. I think I know a way to break through but I am not sure if it will be enough to win...¨
We have to. We will.
Well then, this is the plan. I will absorb all their attacks with my shield. That amount of energy is enough to kill both of us if we are not careful… I will save enough for a last warp behind her, after that point, I will transfer the rest to you throughout my biker chain…it will be...very painful.
And I can put it into my laser. Her own power will be her undoing.
Is not so simple! That won't be enough. We won’t stand a chance if it’s a battle of power. To break the ¨bubble¨ she is in, you have to hit with everything you have. Just a big laser won’t be enough, you have to concentrate all that power, refine it and focus it in just ONE point... can you do that?
I hope so. In a moment time will flow normally again. Grab my chain with all your might. The power flow to you as soon as I gather enough, be prepared. Not matter how painful it is, don’t let go of it. Think of everything that is important to you, use that as a catalyzer and make that power your own.
I grab the vhain, and think about everytbing inportant, and so I think about everything.
The time resumes its flow and with it, the deadly wave the enemy released mere instants ago. ¨Here it comes!¨ They hit from every direction, with a force no one could withstand. ¨Your turn! Leader!¨ An insurmountable amount of power began to flow, and so did the pain. Only death would be a relief.
I focus all of it intonone fine laser attack and shoot! Ultmate Attaaaaaaaack!
A ray of energy so thin that it could barely be seen by the naked eye crossed right through the enemy lines, hitting her dead center, making a hole in space. ¨P-please, work! *bloody cough*¨ From the gaping hole cracks suddenly spread like wildfire, and just like that, her own dimension fell apart.
Now what do I do Masked Chaser? I don't know if I can shoot again... Masked Chaser?
Now bound to this dimension and its rules, the infuriated DemiWitch took a physical form. ¨Insolent creatures, I will finish this myself!¨ With a yell for the ages, a giant blast of energy consumed everything on its wake… at least, that's what should've happened. Chaser Z stopped her! ¨...My turn!¨
Our turn! Is what I say as I get ready to back up my teamm... rival.
¨You fool! Do you think you can absorb ALL my power?!¨. ¨… I don’t have to. *bloody cough*¨ Her body started to disintegrate due the sheer amount of power it was absorbing. ¨I told her to not let it go.*bloody cough*Right?, Leader¨ As the DemiWitch thrashed around, the transfer began, one last time.
Right! I charge up another laser, this ine special. It starts of focused and small and when it hits the beam ztarts tongrow until it's covering the whoke not quite a real witch but still creepy demiwitch!
Slowly covered in the light it could be seen how the body of the DemiWitch started be covered in cracks. Deeper, wider, longer and bigger, until she couldn’t sustain her form anymore. She started to disappear into the void, dispersing her powers as her screeches of pain lost to the silence of space.
Did we do it?
...Her question was met only by the silence of space. Her body, freed from pain, reflexively relaxed, just to be tense once more at the sight before her. The skeleton army was still moving, but something was amiss, different. They were slowly following their creator, to the nothingness… She had won!
We did it... we stopped her. But we didn't save anyone...
Finally, able to relax, she felt how all her strength left her body, as she floated without course in the void of space. Her joy was brief, as she could only think of what she had lost, what had been sacrificed. As she was slowly losing consciousness, she accepted her fate, among the stars...
It's not such a bad place to die.
Unconscious, she wandered among the stars. Time had lost its meaning, as she slowly approached a silent spectator that had witnessed all… When she woke up, she found herself caged, in darkness. She panicked and struggled to escape, in vain, as couldn't remember what had happened… or anything at all.
What's happening? D:
Slowly, all her fears began to fade, as a nostalgic sensation of warmth started to surround her. Now relaxed, she fell once more, into a deep sleep… long time has passed since then. Now, awake, from a sensation of constraint as her cage had considerably shrunk in the time of her slumber…
I want out! I kick and punch at the cage!
Surprisingly the cage breaks with ease. She emerged from the darkness, revealing not only that outside was a haremhorn looking at her, but that she was indeed a smallhorn that just got out of her egg.*many years later*¨Leedah! There is a nohorn wanting to make a pact in the entrance, its a cakeist!¨
Nohorn not go home!