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Momoka Corner

Fonts: Myriad Pro

Gender Notes:
Midori: Female
Midori's Sister: Female
Snax: Female
Mr. Mopps: Male
Wizard with one-eyed purple hat: Female
One-eyed purple hat: Male
Wizard with six-eyed pink hat: Female
Six-eyed pink hat: Male
Tra-Nevsqr-Drvlega: Female
Boyish blue-uniformed officer with white hair: Female

Strip Notes:

- The Hoff is a popular actor, singer, and Internet celebrity. Snax adores him.
- Wolverine is a character from the popular American comic book series X-Men, named after a small angry weasel-like animal.
- Cyclops is another popular character from the same comic as Wolverine, named after the mythological Greek monster with one eye.
- When Snax says "You are the fox Cyclops to my wolverine Wolverine", she is referring to furry-fandom, or furries. She imagines that The Hoff is like Cyclops, dressed up as a fox, and she (Snax) is like Wolverine dressed up as a wolverine. She means that Wolverine and Cyclops would make a good (homosexual) couple dressed up like animals, and that Snax feels that she (Snax) and The Hoff would make a good couple, too. Snax is trying to be romantic, but since she's a weird girl, she ends up with this kind of strange imagery.
- When Snax says "bubblification", she's telling Mr. Mopps to start making bubbles, but saying it in a funny way.
- When Snax says "soapification", she's telling Mr. Mopps to start putting soap on her, but saying it in a funny way.
- That's a picture of The Hoff on Snax's Hug Pillow.
- A Hug Pillow is a large pillow the size of your body. Hug Pillows sometimes have a picture of an attractive girl printed on them.

Nana's Everyday Life

Tomoyo42's Room

Penny Tribute

Fonts: Myriad Pro, Aftershock
Gender Notes:
Penny: Female
Yvv (the attendant): Female
Nn: Female
R: Female
Sv: Female
The Mistress: Female
The Intruder: Female
Numunu (six-armed creature): Female

Strip Notes:

- Adalaga is the name of a city.
- The Progenitor means "the original ancestor". If a gender neutral word is not available, use a female word.


Fonts: Myriad Pro

Paper Eleven

Fonts: Calis in Puppetland
Font Notes: Unfortunately, some special non-standard English characters may not be available in some fonts. You'll have to improvise.

April & May

Fonts: Myriad Pro


Fonts: Myriad Pro