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Current Location: Russia

Next Stop: Hong Kong

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Bat Host: moshev
Arrived: Nov 2016

Ready to unbox.
This is like 99% duct tape now.
After removing the top layer of tape using my deft human hands, the box opened pretty easy.
Fanks for the deliphouf fnacks Dan!

[M-my a cutest and bweh!! Stop! ;ww; -Dan]
We cleared the confusion, dr. Dinosaur is serving her tea. But we only have one cup - they'll have to share =3=

[That's an indirect kissu bweh... -Dan]
[ Thanks for hosting the bweh, moshev! - Dan]
bweh and pancakes breakfast
Bweh and playground
Bweh and... is that fire? Is that guy seriously having a barbecue? #JustSlavThings [Bikky is like 70% slav. I'm sure she loves it. -Dan]
Bweh and defending the motherland.
Bweh and bust of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (Russian Shakespeare basically)
After that we went to the museum of natural history... the bat exhibit.

But first: Bweh and bweahr.)
This bat was really happy to see the Bweh
Bweh and terrible pun about hanging around
Bweh and ancestors (or distant cousins?)
The End. No Bweh, just Tsar Samuil staring into your soul telling you to Make Bulgaria an Empire Again.

[Thanks again for hosting! =w= -Dan]

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;