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Kuusjoki, Finland

Bat Host: Oskari
Arrived: June 2016

"A box this well wrapped must have something interesting in it!"
"Bweh? I'm getting a bad feeling..."
I don't bwehlieve we've met. Also, bwehre the bwehck am I this time?
This guy looks like he just pretends to be important. Bweh, I say.
Bwehring. No good, this one. ...what membership?
You won't put me in there, right bweh? No, seriously. BWEEEEEH!
These don't look as hot as those coals just now. I don't trust you on that, though.
So "juhannus" is midsummer, and you people party. But what's with the bwehing flag?
I don't think I'll like bwehre this is going...
Those bwihrches don't look natural. You people are twisted.
Am I that much of a bother? Not even first class?
A new friend! Bwehlcome to my (host's) house! Hey, why are you shooing him out?
OK, no more nude modeling for you, EVER. Even if you want to try a new pad.
Where are you taking me this time?
"There she goes... Have fun on your travels!"

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;