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Mississauga, Canada

Bat Host: Jarv
Arrived: June 25, 2015

OK, Who are you and what are you doing in my house?
"Oh wow! It's bikky! ...But what's with the blue hair?"
OK Bat, yeah we can go outside, but you need a disguise. ...Yes, perfect.
This is the Great Hall of the Immortal Ice Witch HYZL. This was once her domain, but she has since vanished...
A large market, but they moved the blood donation clinic out years ago... ...what do you mean "forget it, then?"
OK Bat, it's time to OPERATE, but first you have to look the part.

...Yes, perfect.
Pull the trigger, Bat! Pull the trigger or I'll find someone who will!

"Why this!?"
That's not a killshot for a vamp and you know it. You fudge that on purpose?
While vamps can be safely engaged at range, the subterranean hornscum tend to get up close and personal.
Wh-what-? @Airtighttrash is a bully too bweh!? Why this!?
Hornscum removed! The Guardianship is safe again, and it's all thanks to bat.
Templar Guardianship training targets, based on the NATO Figure 11

[FIG 68A "Hornscum"]
Target, Kinetic Projectile, Indigenous Combatform
Templar Guardianship training targets, based on the NATO Figure 11

[FIG 72A "Infidel"]
Target, Kinetic Projectile, Vampire
This guy says it's "Canada Day," whatever that is bweh!

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;