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Maria's Sea & Other Tales

Project Started

NOV 2007

Translation Credits

Parallel Star - Russian: Kvitka Pictures
Parallel Star - Spanish (NA): Traducido por Arence
Parallel Star - Japanese: Ohara K.
Parallel Star - German: Aristagon
Karen - Spanish (EU): Odralon
Karen - Spanish (NA): Traducido por Arence
Karen - Japanese: Ohara K.
Karen - Russian: Kvitka Pictures

Translation Kit: Available


Maria's Sea is a collection of short and medium-length comics.
Stories are released as they are completed.


Doll & Maker

English (ZIP) (3MB)

Parallel Star

English (ZIP) (1MB)
German (ZIP) (1MB)
Japanese (ZIP) (1MB)
Spanish (ZIP) (1MB)
Russian (ZIP) (1MB)


English (ZIP) (0.3MB)
Spanish (EU) (ZIP) (0.7MB)
Spanish (NA) (ZIP) (0.4MB)
Russian (ZIP) (0.8MB)