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Maria's Sea & Other Tales

Project Started

NOV 2007

Translation Credits

Parallel Star - Spanish (NA): Traducido por Arence
Parallel Star - Japanese: Ohara K.
Parallel Star - German: Aristagon
Karen - Spanish (EU): Odralon
Karen - Spanish (NA): Traducido por Arence
Karen - Japanese: Ohara K.

Translation Kit: Available


Maria's Sea is a collection of short and medium-length comics.
Stories are released as they are completed.


Doll & Maker

English (ZIP) (3MB)

Parallel Star

English (ZIP) (1MB)
German (ZIP) (1MB)
Japanese (ZIP) (1MB)
Spanish (ZIP) (1MB)


English (ZIP) (0.3MB)
English (ZIP) (0.7MB)
English (ZIP) (0.4MB)