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the vampire bride is visiting YOU!

Current Location: Russia

Next Stop: Hong Kong

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Bat Host: Sat0ri
Arrived: Dec 2016

[10.12] A package has been received
I wonder what's inside...
[10.12] More layers = more protection
Wait for it...
[10.12] BWEH
Nice to meet you!
Welcome to The Land of Snow and Internet.
We've got fast, dirt-cheap internet and a shit-ton of snow. You can shovel the internet and surf the snow. That's mostly it.
[11.12] Playing Guilty Gear
Because it's too cold to go outside.
She doesn't seem to be too amused by my skills. Her Slayer is solid.
[14.12] You're gonna have a bath time!
Bweh and her scarf were quite grimy after all the travelling, so I cleaned the bat and washed the scarf. Mini-bat is a little dusty, too, but I'm afraid her face will fall off if I try to clean her.
[16.12] Jammin'
Some russian (soviet) wave as a BGM:
Welcome to the outside world! Please try not to die of cold!
Look at this majestic rock. It has truly reached enlightenment and doesn't care about the cold (or anything at all), and you're visibly shivering 'cause it's -32°.
- What kind of ship is that?
- Snax x Vicky, I guess
- ...
- What are we doing here? It's cold, put me back in your backpack!
- It looks like I'm the only one in this city who likes this building...
I legit pilot this robot sometimes [That is an awesome robot -Dan]
Ice art
A squirrel or a fox? We'll never know.
Let's hug, my brothers,

I beg you, I implore you...

(written in Ukranian)
Happy upcoming New Year!
In Russia, Christmas is on 7th January and no one really celebrates it (decades of government-facilitated atheism), but the New Year's is the biggest holiday here.