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Cambridge, GB (1)

Bat Host: Elliot
Arrived: March 2016

Hmm, what is in this box?
It's a bat! Time to roll out the usual welcoming party of figures and nonsense.
The cutest quickly made friends with Cirno, and they hung out.
Oh no! What are you doing, George? Stupid cat!
Dammit George this is why I can't have guests over.
Well anyway, time to take the cutest bat on an adventure and show her around Cambridge!

"Wait, why are you stuffing me in this bag?"
This is a cool mural on the bridge near my flat. Sadly my camera sucks but the railing either side is covered with knitting (you know, with wool) which I think is rad. The bat was underwhelmed.
Also underwhelming is this lamppost on Parkers Pieces, which is known as the REALITY CHECKPOINT. Yes, that is its name. Its got a wiki page and everything!
Here is Kings College Chapel! Its on every postcard ever. Sadly someone jostled me and a Cutest so the photo doesnt have much chapel.

Here is a graduating class of Vampire Hunters!

"What, really? Why did you bring me here?????"

Don't worry, I'm joking. I'm sure they are just geographers or something. (I didn't know there was a university graduation today, so this was lucky!)
Here is the Fitzwilliam Museum! Its really cool and puts cool things on.

"Have you been inside?"

Not for like 6 years!
This is a stone lion on the side of the Fitzwilliam. I tried to feed a cutest to it but it didn't seem interested.

"Aghhh jerk!"
Here is Pembroke College! Its kinda tucked away but looks cool.
This is the river Cam. I took cutest across one of the many bridges across it. Sadly I have obscured the people ON the river, oops!
Here is a metallic map of Cambridge on a plinth. I tried to set a cutest down on the map for a photo but a small child tried to steal her!

"Why have you brought me to such a dangerous place?"
This is "the backs" - its a nice green space behind a lot of the colleges and over the river. Sadly its late Winter right now so its a bit barren!
Here is one of the nice bridges over the river, which leads to the back of Kings College. Sadly this was the best photo I could get as it was closed to the public for graduation!
Here the back of Kings College again.

"Why are there so many colleges?"

800 year old university, and endless politics!
Another shot of the river. You can see some people riding on a silly flat boat, called a punt. If you visit Cambridge, students will constantly try and sell you a ride on them!
Here is St. Johns college chapel. It looks cool but sadly could not go inside today. :<
I think this street (St Johns street) looks cool. On the right is a covered market with local artists - we went in to find Vicky a present that a cutest could take back with her.
Here is the Round Church. Tourists love it.


No idea!
Here is Jesus Green! Its a massive green space in the middle of the city! When the weather is nice, its covered with people enjoying the 5 hour long British Summer.
I like how all the trees line up along the path, it looks cool. Shame there isn't any greenery yet!
Here is Midsummer Common! Its another nice green space, and sometimes cows hang out here!

"Whats a cow?"!
I heard vampires like donuts so I bought some to placate a cutest and a bat. She seemed to like them?
Here is my favourite pub! I love it lots. We went in and got drunk.
Road home from the pub! Isn't it quaint? Wait... its that....
Finally, some greenery! Something lives in this frozen March hellscape! Yay!
Seriously, check the flowers out! "AAAAAAGHHH LET ME DOWN, IDIOT"
Also here is the road on which I live. It's apparently one of the most sought after in the country or something? I wish I wasn't, it drives rent up.

"I'm cold, idiot, lets go in the warm."
Questionable selfie with a very questionable hat.

"Urghhhh get off me, smelly human"


What the hell is this ornate door and what lies beyond it? I MAY NEVER KNOW.

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;