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Chaville, France

Bat Host: Chirutai
Arrived: Feb 2016

First, be assured that, on her arrival, she was duly welcomed by our chief shrine maiden bully guard handler greeter as documented here.
I have the feeling that she was a bit disappointed however, because the view outside the window wasn't that great.
Of course, we made sure that she would be comfortable, and she was allowed the company of the tiny one who traveled with her.

She even has a phone to call room service! We don't provide room service, though, and she is not allowed to call the outside world... But I am sure she appreciate our efforts!
So, Bweh and me had our first evening together, and I thought fitting for us to drink some fancy French bwehverage for her arrival in our country! I pour ourselves some rosť, but she didn't touch her drink. I guess it isn't red enough for her?
Today, we celebrate the lunar new year with some tasty Chinese food! Unfortunately, she didn't eat any. So rude.
Even the noodles! Maybe because of the lack of seasoning?
Later in the evening, while the shrine maiden wasn't around, she was introduced to the Society of Spooks. I believe they have a lot in common.
Bweh held her ground against their fearsome leader, an ultimate being, result of, like, two evolutions!
Yesterday, I had to keep the Bweh busy while I was away at work. I needed a huge time sink, so I did what any caretaker worth their salt would do and put her in front of Netflix! But I wanted her time in front of a screen to educational, so I carefully chose a show that would teach her about behaving oneself out there in the human world!

... Am I doing a great job or what?
In other events, Bweh finally got acquainted with the painting guarding my humble abode, an illustrating of my love for all teeth pointy and bloody cuties. I think she could use our honest opinion on this important matter: who got the fancier teeth?
On her sixth day in France, she found The Light.

I told her she could get my precious panties if she gave me hers, but for some reason, she didn't agree to it. So instead, she just keeps staring.

As you can see Dan, absolutely nothing weird is going on at all. I bet you're super glad you left her in my care.
So, yesterday, we prepared ourselves for the big day! The bweh was quite serious about it too, well, as serious as you can expect her to be. She even tried to help with planning, but she didn't quite managed to get a sense of where we were from the map
She was all ready to depart and fight the elements... except that it has been raining non-stop during the whole weekend in Paris, and while we did attempt a sortie, two actually, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, we decided that it was raining too much to try and get her out and take photos.
A cutest and bweh reporting live from the French pyramid!
Here is the French pyramid. It's tiny and looks like it isn't even finished! Still taller than the bweh though! (there is actually another right behind her, but, the bweh is unpleased if she does not take at least 40% of the shot!)
This, behind, is a horse. It's not nearly as cute as the bweh, so it's kept out of focus!
We are about to step through THE GATE! What could possibly lie ahead? Tourists. (The bweh is not a tourist, she is on a survey mission. Her surveying just happens to involve a lot of selfies in front of monuments)
While no visit of Paris is complete without snapping a shot at the Eiffel tower, nobody ever specified how close to it you need be. This particular tower shall NOT overshadow the cutest and bweh!
A cutest and bweh censorship, because why stare at boobs when you got Her Fuzziness?
So, tell me, what does the sight of a tiger trashing a crocodile inspire to you?
Oh wait, I think he is done! ... ... Well, I guess we won't be conducting an interview of this one.
Taking a selfie with Jules Ferry, his wife, his daughter, and his other wife Voldemort.
Oh no! We have been found out! ;_; Time for a hasty retreat!

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;