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Philippines (Lunar Outpost)

Bat Host: Deculture
Arrived: Nov 2015

Hold on there is some nerd shit in the box, gotta toss them out first
A face towel! This'll be handy for later, it's curry night! [DECU NO -Dan]
She's here! Safe and sound!
"Why didn't you unpack me at your house, bweh? Did it really have to be in your office?"
Nevermind that, what else did you come with?
The scarf, the guestcard and a tiny bweh!
"Aren't you a little old to be playing with toys?"
Just stay there and just watch me work! Don't touch anything!
"Jeez, fine, bweh. Entertainment city."
"..." (touch)
(touch) (touch)
What was that?! What happened here?

"D-don't know what you mean, must be the wind or something, bweh."
Took the Bweh out on errands today!
Stopping by some nerd stuff stores!
Jerz, these frickin' NERDS STUFF! Guest starring @MikanIsLove
The Bweh trying out some masks! She wanted to be 4chan man!
Taking a break with some native beef noodles! She didn't want any though, she said she was stuffed! [DECCUUU! -Dan]
"I-is this the stuff Bikky likes, bweh...?"
"N-no... that's not... uh...."
Suddenly, surprise find by Bweh! Proof that she has the best taste! How'd you find it?
"I just smelled the scent of someone who did nothing wrong."
"I don't get it... is there something you're trying to say here...?"
Suddenly, a reunion?! The Bweh found herself inexplicably drawn to this suspicious character!!!
"N-NO!! That's not allowed!! I WON'T ALLOW IT!!!"
"...I really miss her, bweh..."
"Ah geez... whaddaya sayin... I miss you way more, ya know...?"
"Bweh?! This thing costs two thousand dollars?!"
"1... 2... 5... uh... that's a lotta offerings... geez..."
"No you can't steal it, there are witnesses, bweh...kid, scram, you're getting in my shot."
Bweh third wheeling
Bweh: 'See this painting? It's probably too deep for you'
It's Balaw-Balaw a food & art museum. Artistic food includes this "delicacy": woodworms
I bweht you never even her of the brand. These aren't even clover cigs. [THE BLACK BAT OF ILL OMEN -Dan]

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;