A Cutest and Bat World Tour

the vampire bride is visiting YOU!

Current Location: Russia

Next Stop: Hong Kong

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Sydney(ish), NSW, Australia

Bat Host: Nick
Arrived: Oct 2015

Can't wait for the bat to arrive and meet the gang, haha!
Took the bat for a long walk into town and may have accidentally scarred her by walking down this street. [Fuzzy feet! =3= -Dan]
[What a clever looking dog. =3= -Dan]
Sorry about the delay! I'll take the bat on a bigger trip on my day off Tuesday after assignments!
[This is way #2BWEH -Dan]
I was taking photos of the bat ...
... then this happened. I think the bat is part princess hahaha!

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When the original BWEH was batnapped back in April 2015, everyone came together to draw pictures of a cutest and bat... thank you, everyone! ;w;