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characters and designs for Hungry Magical Maid Girl Cupcake-tan
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Height Chart
Ur-Devils are tiny... usually.
[ Cupcake ]
Hungry Magical Maid-Girl Cupcake
Not really a maid. Perflat. Always hungry and lazy. Ate the entire magical dessert kingdom and pastry dimension, turning its people into a nomadic race of bitter magical-girl haters.
[ Mint ]
A celebrated hero of The Cleansing, always needs something to do. A powerful short-range fighter with astounding durability. Popular with trainees for some reason.
[ Vanilla ]
Exterminator - appears strict and unapproachable, but actually quite sensitive.
[ Caramel ]
Carmel 'Mel' Starlight
Spoilers, will update later.
[ Caramel ]
Fallen Demon Hunter, Mana
Spoilers, will update later.
[ Caramel ]
Spoilers, will update later.
[ Pepper ]
Ur-Devil Pepper
Poor Pepper. Nothing ever goes her way, but Pepper will always do her best! A good and honest girl, but very very spicy.

Wears winter clothing given to her by her grandmother when she walks on the surface world.
[ Electric Moon Witch, Carrot ]
Electric Moon Witch Carrot
A space-witch who makes her home on an organic lunar wind farm. Always bothering Cupcake for being wasteful with water, lights, not weather-proofing her house, mixing paper and plastic, etc. Her electric moon-spiders obey her every command -- they'll rub their heads on you and make your hair stand up.
[ Cupcake, Pepper, misc ]
bottom-left: Pepper with over-sized horns.
middle: Working on Cupcake's butt.
upper: Unrelated doodles (left-to-right: pxi, nnn, penny, metal fist).
[ A familiar face ] [ A familiar face ]
NEET Vampire Princess Snax
She's a freeloader in Asatimine's castle (For those who were around for the original Momoka Corner, I've switched around Calistor and Asatimine's names -- The one with one big eye now has the name "Asatimine").

[ Asatimine, Esmunda, Parnelle ]
Space-Witch Asatimine
Hard-working and earnest space-witch. Why does she put up with all this? Friend to the Mopples, enemy of space-squishes everywhere.

Reverse Demon Hairwolf Esmunda
Demonic bringer of bad hair days and pillow-hair. On full moons she becomes a tiny demon-wolf made entirely of hair and feasts on the drains of the human-world: clogging some, unclogging others.

Parnelle, Sleepdusa
Those that gaze upon her sleeping face are doomed to nap for hours.