Exchange with: Mokou

OY! Have you heard about that Scot Pilgram comic? Such a Rachael and Penny ripoff. You should read the original.
Tomocow & Sakura
Rachael & Penny
April 2008
Exchange with: Conan

St-stupid Conan! It's not like I like you or anything.

  Conan and Snax
MAY 2005
Exchange with: Fred

Well, I'm sure Fred will get around to drawing me that Tomoyo/Sakura loli eventually. Anyway, Miho is totally emo!

She needs to smile more, otherwise her livejournal will completely fill with bad goth poetry... or worse.

-- EDIT: FEB 2006 --
HOORAY! Lovely Penny! Goth Loli Convergence! : D
(Penny Tribute)
A Long Time Ago
Exchange with: Josh

Oops, forgot to post this one way back.
Anyway: Wendy. Girly. Penis. What else do I have to say?
April&May Gueststrip
Winter, Otra
FEB 2005
Exchange with: Hawk

'Sup, Applegeeks?
Jan 2005
Exchange with: Piro

'Sup, Megatokyo?
Miho, Ping
DEC 31 2004
Exchange with: Dave

Wee. I like Chloe the best (Honestly, I hate her name, but her oddballness is relevant to my interests. Anyway, if you don't read chugworth already, read it now. NOW, DAMN YOU!
T42R Gueststrip
Ellice, Sally, Chloe
DEC 02 2004
Exchange with: Rez

Cyberpunk for great justice! Rez knows what he's doing.
(Monica Furious)
DEC 02 2004
Exchange with: Juno

ZAP. Smoking if bad for your health, desu wa. ;_;
(S.C. Destiny)
SEPT 07 2004
Exchange with: Keith/Galnova

If you take a look at Keith's site, you'll see that he loves powered/armoured suits. He also has a really gritty approach to mechanical design, which I think is pretty neat. Anyway, I tried to take a stab at his kind of armoured suits, so, erm, that's what happened on my end, there.

As for Keith's drawing of Maya, I like the natural medium look... and the red streak caps of the pictures nicely. If I had one thing to fuss about, it'd be that the face seems a little odd to me, but that's okay. Thanks, Keith! : )
(Paper Eleven)
Armoured Suit
Aug 24 2004
Exchange with: Cabbie

Another Super-fun gift exchange! Anyway, I really like Mamiko -- her design is nice to begin with, but throw in the over-the-top love she feels for her otaku would-be boyfriend, her homicidal and suicidal tendancies, and her absolutely insane sword technique, and you have a winning combo. Hey, Cabbie: More Mami-tan, please! XD

Anyway, Mami-tan aside (I'm going to call her that forever, now), I really like how Cabbie's Maya turned out. Lotsa detail (something I'm guilty of skimping on) and a nice expression on Maya's face. I like the fact that he picked up on that single cut on Maya's cheek, too. : )

Oh, and hey -- looks like the roof got ripped off the subway cart and rain's pouring in. Awesome. I'll have to steal that.
(Paper Eleven)
(Over Under Tokyo)
Aug 16 2004
Exchange with: Paul P. Sung

Did an exchange with Paul. Things turned out pretty well!

Anyway, Paul's Maya has a mean, scheming look on her face. I like that. The lines are very crisp, too, giving it an anime cell-style look. It's neat to see Maya drawn that way, because I've never drawn all her details in and due to Paper Eleven's sketchy look, she never gets a really cleanly defined face...

I did Syut Lam from Paul's comic, Evening. I got the feeling that she'd look right at home on a rooftop, preparing to kick some ass... so there we go. Anyway, I love girls with white hair, so I dug Syut right away. : )
(Paper Eleven)
Chou, Syut Lam (Evening)
Aug 09 2004
Exchange with: Anthony Rogers

As might be expected, my version of his Avalon came out really dark... and Anthony's version of Maya came out quite cute. I never thought of Maya as having a very 'girly' body, so it's interesting to see such nice slender hips. Anyway, I like it. : )
(Paper Eleven)
Avalon (Forgive/Forget)