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General Overview

A mysterious, divine food occasionally found near cave entrances. If a haremhorn happens upon one she'll take it back to the herd immediately and have it divided up between the hornmothers as a special treat. Light cakes with fruits (especially berries) and delicate creams are favored. Anything too rich and sweet will force the haremhorns to control the portions to the point that the hornmothers may become stressed and unhappy -- a mouthful of chocolate cake can be a special kind of torture if there isn't a second to follow it up. Some younger hornmothers actually cry -- they don't know when (or if) the next cake will ever come.

If a hornmother happens upon a cake she'll almost certainly devour it immediately and make herself sick. Thankfully hornmothers rarely venture far from the central nests and certainly don't go anywhere near the cave entrances -- not without a small herd of musclehorns and haremhorns to protect and tend to her. If a haremhorn sees her hornmother digging into a cake she'll have to take it away and ration it out. The hornmother might be sad, but it's for the good of the herd.

Musclehorns do not enjoy cake -- they prefer meat (raw, if possible). That said, they do understand that the haremhorns and hornmothers treasure cake, and will move to carefully transport any cakes they find back to the lower ranking haremhorns so they can be appropriately dispensed to the rest of the herd.

Cakes are too sweet for smallhorns. They should only eat the food that grows in the nursery anyway -- the milk of the haremhorns, radishes, carrots, various leaves, and a little softened meat for the smallhorn musclehorns.

Origin of Cakes

It's a real mystery. The herd records say nothing of cakes until the advent of The Pact. Perhaps cakes grow naturally underground, like cave radishes and mushrooms? But no one in the herd has ever seen a small cake...

The Witch Apostle occasionally gives them small, hard, sweet things that are very yummy. Some previous leaders have tried planting these objects (cake seeds?) but, so far, without success. Maybe some other hornmothers are digging up the seeds and eating them... someone should post a lookout next time...