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The City


Templar Guardianship: The City, The White Witch's Garden
Vampires: N/A
Enna, Witch of Ruin: "That eyesore", "Bucket of dirt"
Algis, The White Witch: "My Garden"
Horned Ones: Nohorn cave
The exposed eastern face of The City.

Though the hull of the ship remains impregnable (this is a property of the material itself and does not rely on the power of the witch) many other basic protections are no longer available. The witch has slumbered long, and the garden grows weak in her absence. Much of the West House's activities are centered around documenting, repairing, and preserving as much of The City as they can.

General Overview

The home of the Templar and seat of the White Witch, Algis.

The City was once a great garden amidst the stars but no stars now remain, save one, and the white witch's garden is an island of green in a frozen waste. But the Children of the Garden are grateful -- to find this star and walk the earth again at this late date is already a miracle beyond miracles. While the White Witch slumbers, they shall preserve her city and wait for the day she returns to make the whole world her garden.

[More to come...]