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Southern(?) Witch Apostle

"I am but a clerk - a servant of Her Word and Law."


Templar Guardianship: False-Witch
Vampires: Apostle
Horned Ones: Apostle, Apassal, Passal
She calls herself: Apostle of the Southern Witch, Apostle

General Overview

Her master has long since departed these lands. The Apostle is but a shadow, a clerk, the living machinery left behind to carry out her master's will. Though she has no power of her own, the power of her Master's Word and Law still linger and, through the Apostle's facility, bind the land and descendants of the original contractors.

Although the apostle is a servant, she is neither puppet nor slave. When the contractors fall, when the well of the sky and earth are voiceless dust once more, the last of her Master's edicts will be carried out and the era of the witches shall be ended. With this, the power that once bound her shall be lifted and she will be free. Though without her master's power she will waste, the Apostle will not die, for the Apostles have life beyond life and will walk the earth until dark itself folds under the weight of time. The last of all will not be the witches, but the apostles.

Scent and Appearance

The Apostle appears as an extremely pale, quiet, serene woman with kind, refined features. Her clothing seems to be made of a material not of this world - light, soft, woolly, constantly emitting a strange warmth. Her "hat" seems to be a living creature, but not a dangerous one. It's unclear whether this being is a construction of her own, a life created by the Southern Witch, or simply an alien being encountered in her long travels. It does not speak, but the Apostle seems to be able to communicate with it.

The Apostle does not sweat, blink, or eat, and can move with total silence. Notably for the himehorns (who differentiate between each other largely based on pecking order and scent) the Apostle herself has absolutely no scent at all, and so causes no alarm amongst the herd. Her cape and hat carry a curious scent unfamiliar to the himehorns, but again, it causes them no alarm.


The himehorns assume the apostle lives somewhere deep within the caves, but they can't be sure. She brings them gifts, seeds, and tasty treats from distant lands though, so she must be getting around somehow... do the caves really go that far...?

Relationship with Himehorns

The Apostle is the embodiment and enforcer of The Pact -- a Witch's Edict that protects the himehorns from the servants of The White Witch (and vice versa). She is a honored guest and friend of the herd.

Since the herd's migration underground, the apostle has taken on many important functions related to the herd's long-term well being -- when the herd gets too large, she escorts young hornmothers and a portion of the herd through the dangerous Deep Places to new caves. She also brings gifts, materials, and seeds from distant places (which the himehorns always gratefully repay with offerings, dances, and songs), and watches over the herd when a leader dies and a new leader transitions into her role. These events, though important, are rather rare, and a himehorn (most of whom live only 20-25 years) are lucky to see her once in a lifetime. A feast is always thrown, and the leader always records the details of such visits in the herd records.

Although some haremhorns remain cautious around her (she IS still a spooky nohorn, after all), every hornmother, smallhorn, and musclehorn adores the apostle.

Relationship with Templar Guardianship

The Apostle is regarded as a False Witch and marked for subjugation. Once the Vampires are exterminated and sent back to the darkness, the Templar will break the pact, yoke the False Witch to the foot of the White Witch's throne, and turn her precious hornscum into scrambled eggs and fertilizer.