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Paper Eleven International:
English The Original!
Deutsch/German Trans: Viral (Complete)
���{��/Japanese Trans: Curious Factory (Complete)
Spanish Trans: Odralon (Complete)

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14-year-old Maya survives a terrible train accident only to find herself in a strange world where people, places, and souls are made of paper. Now, hunted and alone, she has 11 days to find the bodies, reconstruct the accident, and return home.

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Paper Eleven (Kinetic Novel):
Day 0 (Thanks, Sar!)
English (ZIP - 10.7 MB)
DEUTSCH/GERMAN (ZIP - 10.9 MB) (Trans: Viral)
���{��/JAPANESE (ZIP - 10.8 MB) (Trans: Curious Factory)
Polish (ZIP - 11.1 MB) (Trans: Eror)
Chinese (ZIP - 10.8 MB) (Trans: S.SPEET)
Spanish (ZIP - 13.6 MB) (Trans: Odralon)

DAY 0: Maya
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
DAY 1: Eyes
DAY 2: City People DAY 3: Cloth Man
DAY 4: The Cloth Man Speaks or The Lonely Children of Tower 27
DAY 5: Escape
DAY 6: Birth/Idle Talk
DAY 7: A Red Dream
DAY 8: The Station/The Tower is Completed
DAY 9: A Human Emotion
DAY 10: The End
DAY 11: As I thought. At the end, there was only Loneliness

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